One of the Web Hosts answered an email from Mateo Burland, a former heroin kingpin bodyguard who wanted to "get out of the game" and move to Miami at the behest of his sister, Nina. The Web Host sent to help Mateo instead got beaten and kidnapped by his boss, Amado Santana, who managed to get the information of Mateo's current location, for fear that if his "long ball hitter" leaves Santana, he can hurt him. Thus, he sent his crew to take out Mateo for good, but it ended up with his sister being caught by a stray bullet, instantly killing her. Naturally, this got the attention of the main man himself, The Web, who was notified that his Detroit Web Host was killed by Santana.

Web flew to Detroit in order to help Mateo weather the storm of bullets and gang-bangers who want to kill him. After helping out Mateo, he lets her know that Nina unfortunately died. As soon as Mateo recovered from the blood loss he had earlier, he found himself Kevlar that's twice as thick but half as light, guns he never saw before, and took it for himself to ask Web where he was located.

Web explained that he was in the former Detroit headquarters of the Justice League of America. Mateo then, understandably mad, berated Web for failing on his service to get him out of the game without anyone dying. After briefly educating Web on the importance of taking care of matters himself instead of relying on others, he confronted Amado in order to kill him for killing his sister. Web briefly tried to stop Burland, but he relented, at the shock of Santana, who said that he was supposed to be a hero. Web said he thought he was one, until he passed that responsibility onto others, and left Santana's fate at Burland's hands, who quickly killed him. Web then asked him why is he wearing Amado's bandanna.

Mateo explained that Web was right, that there's always more problems than people who can solve them. Web points out that he can't be a hero and a killer at the same time, but Burland, now as Black Hood, retorts that this wasn't what he had in mind originally, but if it's like that, justice is justice, no matter who lives or dies.


  • The Black Hood (Matthew Burland) is based on the MLJ Comics character of the same name. He first appeared in Top-Notch Comics #9.



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