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Born in Maryville, Missouri, Matthew O'Connor was a regular boy with an active imagination. One day, while "digging to China" in the local playground, Mattie discovered a puppet that bestowed upon him the ability to bio-kinetically increase the power of his punches to the point where he can punch down mature trees. Around the age of 14 or 15, Mattie, now calling himself Punchy, was sent to the Seminary, a school for super-powered teenagers. Punchy was held back his first year. During the summer interim between his second and third year at the Seminary, Mattie lost his virginity to Flora, the only other super-powered resident of Maryville.

By some means, Punchy survived Armageddon and was present when Jack Hawksmoor of the Authority informed most of Earth's heroes that the Carrier was leaving UnLondon.[1][2] He and along with the other members of the Intimates were later among the gathered heroes on Skywatch III being debriefed by Spartan.[3]


  • Superhuman Strength: Mattie has a puppet that allows him to increase the strength of his punches based on sheer will.


  • Punchy tricked his fellow students into believing his parents were archaeologists.
  • Punchy's sister was a nun before her death.
  • Punchy is affectionately known as Ringo.



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