Maxima came to Earth after her home planet of Almerac received a signal that originated from the Crystal of Knowledge after Tess Mercer and her team began testing on it. She followed the signal to Earth and arrived in Metropolis, where she was greeted by a random passerby. She believed him to be the one who sent the signal and kissed him. After the kiss, the man fell to the street and died.

Maxima then traveled to Smallville while kissing many men she encountered along the way. She was heading to the source of the crystal's signal: Luthor Mansion. She then grabbed a dress that Oliver Queen had sent to Tess with a note that asked Tess to meet Oliver at the Ace of Clubs. Maxima went to the club instead and met Jimmy Olsen, whom she kissed. After realizing Jimmy wasn't the Kryptonian she had been searching for, Maxima left just as Clark Kent super-speed past her to save Jimmy and take him to the hospital. Maxima saw Clark running in super speed, and realized he was Kryptonian.

Maxima then tracked Clark down to the Daily Planet and kissed him; they began to embrace and grope each other before getting in the elevator. The elevator doors opened to reveal Lois Lane, who was shocked to see Clark and Maxima, and walked off, clearly upset. Clark ran after Lois who told him that Maxima left.

When Lois was getting into her car, Maxima confronted her, telling her that she could sense the love between Lois and Clark and that he wouldn't have been able to resist her had Lois not arrived. Just then, Tess' security team arrived. Maxima killed all of them before turning her attention back to Lois, but before she could kill her, Clark grabbed her and super-sped away. Maxima told Clark that she had been searching for him her whole life and that he was her soul mate, but Clark distracted her and activated her bracelet, sending her back to Almerac unwillingly.


  • Superhuman Strength: Maxima is strong enough to easily lift and throw a car.
  • Superhuman Speed: Maxima's speed is comparable to that of a Kryptonian and, like them, she is also able to perceive the world in super speed.
  • Invulnerability: Maxima possesses a degree of invulnerability, surviving Tess Mercer's team shooting at her.
  • Endorphin Kiss: Maxima's kiss releases a powerful combination of endorphins and adrenalin what made her seem irresistible to any man but is fatal to humans if they are exposed for more than a few moments. Kryptonians, are able to withstand the kiss, although it still seduces them.
  • Teleportation: Maxima can teleport anywhere when she teleported to earth.


Maxima has access to a bracelet that allows her to instantaneously teleport between Earth and Almerac.



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