We are each of us in danger of being consumed by what we do and who we are.

For Maxwell Jensen it was greed. Believing that a government radiation-proof waste container was actually being used to smuggle money, Jensen opened the container, absorbing the radioactive materials. He was transformed into something akin to a human atomic furnace. His ability to absorb the energy and abilities and mentalities of others is a necessity. Without it, he would literally burn himself out.

Jensen was a criminal even before he was transformed into a being interested in more than money. Now he wants powers. And that is why Parasite wants to kill Superman. Not out of hatred, but to absorb and gain Superman's very nature.

As long as Parasite lives, Superman is a threat to the world. [1]


  • Energy Leech: Parasite is able to absorb the life energy of other beings leaving withered corpses. He is also able to absorb virtually any other energy form and use it. Below are a list of powers he frequently stole or has been seen stealing.


  • Time Limit: He can only hold these powers for a short amount of time.
  • Acquire Weakness: He receives both the powers and the weaknesses of his target.
  • Life Leech: He cannot turn his power off nor can he survive without constantly stealing life energy from ordinary humans.
  • Although his face reveals that his purple skin covers his eyes, ears, nose and mouth he can still see, hear, smell and talk (as well as eat though he doesn't need to eat conventionally because he gains the energy from his leeching ability). He can also still touch people and does so frequently. [2]