Although not originally prone to criminal tendencies, Veezey was apparently driven over the edge of sanity from a lifetime of suffering with intense allergies. His years of struggle to find relief from his symptoms ultimately prompted him to attempt to rid his hometown of Gotham City of all plant life.

Gotham City

He purchased large quantities of defoliant and began spraying all the plant life he could find with heavy doses of it. Not only were his acts deemed illegal and terrorist-like, but Veezey also drew the attention and anger of Poison Ivy, who engineered her own escape from Arkham Asylum expressly to find Veezey and kill him for hurting the plants she loves.

Ultimately, Veezey's anti-plant rampage and Ivy's efforts to kill him were both stopped by Batman and Robin. However, while the Dynamic Duo were dealing with the more psychotic Ivy, Veezey himself slipped away. He was then found and captured by the demented vigilante Lock-Up, who imprisoned him alongside other criminals. In the end, Lock-Up's impromptu prison was found and shut down by Batman and Robin, and Veezey was himself admitted to Arkham Asylum.






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