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Mayflower was a young British girl who had developed the elemental ability to control plant life. This unique power earned her the scorn of her countrymen and she came to the United States where she met political opportunist B. Eric Blairman. Blairman indoctrinated her into his Force of July and gave her the code name Mayflower.

As a member of the Force of July, Mayflower came into conflict with the super-hero team the Outsiders on more than one occasion. She first tackled Katana, and briefly incapacitated her by ensnaring her with a group of strong vines. She later matched her abilities against Geo-Force and nearly defeated him. Geo-Force's control over the very Earth itself proved stronger however and the victory went to the Outsiders.

She was eventually killed by the crazed super-villain Doctor Light during an affair known as the "Janus Directive".




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