Codename Meantime was a British operative before World's End. Unable to cope with the reality of Armageddon, he used his temporal powers to create a pocket quantum domain wherein he had absolute control of the world. He resurrected his wife, Julia, their two children, and Mrs. Miggins, their house-keeper. In his pastoral fantasy world, it was the weekend and he still worked for the British government, holding a position of great respect and authority. When interlopers began to appear, namely Midnighter and later Swift and the Engineer, the Ministry phoned his home, so his response was to send Team Unicorn to end the matter. Initially taken aback by Team Unicorn's power, the three members of the Authority overcame the team, slaughtering the members. Meantime himself came to deal with the situation, disturbing his restful 'weekend'.

Angela managed to contact Hawthorne of Rendelsham, who explained Meantime's origin and that his pocket dimension was causing temporal strain in the real world and could cause time to disintegrate. Using the two remaining members of the Golden, Hawthorne attempted to assassinate Meantime, but only managed to end his temporal illusion. Stricken with grief, Meantime became a literal time-bomb violently rearranging time until Midnighter impaled him through the chest, realigning the area with real-time.


  • Chronokinesis: Meantime was able to alter the flow of time to such a degree that he was able to create a notable pocket dimension in the ruined English countryside, and could transport in subjects from other eras to defend himself, such as a raging tyrannosaur, a strafe-firing airplane, or a cluster of descending bombs.


  • Denial: Meantime was unable to accept the reality of post-Armageddon Earth, which led to his ultimate downfall.


  • Tymex watch