At some point several months ago, Arthur Curry met the woman known only as Mera, during which he not only discovered but with her help also accepts his origins as a half-Atlantean, and future King of the Seven Seas. Although at first Arthur was uncertain of Mera, they eventually fell in love, became partners and were married. Soon after their marriage, Arthur and Mera discovered that Slade Wilson was building prisons for super-heroes following the passing of the Vigilante Registration Act and destroyed one of them. Clark Kent went to confront A.C. about this, but Mera, deeming him a threat, knocked him aside with her hydrokinesis. As Clark and Arthur went off to investing Slade's operation further (resulting in Arthur being kidnapped), Mera was confronted by Lois Lane, who was trying to help Clark. Mera deemed Lois a lesser being compared to herself, Arthur, Oliver Queen and Clark, until Lois managed to help them save Arthur with information on the prisions. Mera saved Oliver and Arthur, but was almost captured herself. Later Mera apologizes to Lois and admits that she is a worthy partner of equal standing for someone like Clark.




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