Quote1 I have stayed ever close to you, riven by guilt for a millennium, watching after you, caring for you. Not a day passes when my heart doesn't break for what I have done! Quote2
-- Merlin src

Merlin was a powerful wizard living in ancient Gotham City. When they were under attack by Metropolis, councilman Bruce Wayne ordered him to summon the demon Etrigan from Hell. This saved the city, but they were unable to send Etrigan back. Merlin was forced to trap Etrigan in a human host, and Bruce volunteered as he was responsible. Merlin stayed with Bruce Wayne for over a thousand years, posing as his manservant Alfred Pennyworth. Etrigan would be released if Bruce ever learned of his existence, so Merlin is required to periodically wipe his memory. This has lead to the deaths of Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Glenda Mark, Killer Croc, and Poison Ivy.[1]




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