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June 25, 2013
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  • Despite the (admittedly unwarranted) vitriol in my last post on your wall, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you following me around and fixing my typos and mistakes.

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    • Wait, what? I had no clue that I was going over your stuff. Sometimes I'll check certain pages to see if I have my facts right about something and change a typo, or I'll read the synopsis for a comic I just didn't feel like buying but still wanted to know what happened and correct something. I had no clue that I was correcting your typos. That's kind of weird though. How long has it been going on?

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    • I don't think you're following me around on purpose - I just notice it because I get an email notification when pages I've worked on are edited. Probably a month or so.

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    • Oh ok, well no problem man

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  • Quit making stupid edits just for the badges. I'll mail my foot into your ass.

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    • These are the administrators.

      We're a pretty tightly knit group. Tupka and I have a tendency to be a bit zealous with editors who are making bad edits. Usually, it's because the edits we consider "bad" affect the categories on the wiki, and that's a problem for us, because the whole point of the wiki is to arrange accurate information in a useful way - difficult as that sometimes is.

      You were right in thinking that I was saying something stupid in my very first comment to you. It was meant as a joking way of warning not to make what we call "empty edits" - i.e. meaningless or unproductive edits. I had no issue with your "that sounds painful" response, because it suggested to me that you understood I was not actually planning to mail my foot into your ass. The postage would be excessive.

      If we had left it at that, we probably could have gone on our merry ways.

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    • Yeah I understand

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  • Hello!

    Thank you for uploading new content to the DC Database project!

    We have lots of images in our database, 114,783 in fact, and in order to keep them organized we use a system of naming, categories and licensing added to each.

    1. Please review our Naming Conventions for Images. Images are categorized by name, so a descriptive name rather than a string of numbers is important.
      1. As a guide, look what other images in a character's gallery are called, and continue with the same name and number. If you upload a first image of a character, use "[Name] [Universe] 001". Ignore the Universe designation if it is a New Earth character.
      2. Issue covers should be given at least the title of the series, the volume and the number. A name similar to the issue is preferred: "Title Vol 1 1". Textless covers should be called "Title Vol 1 1 Textless". Files that do not indicate the issue number will be deleted.
    2. Images should be no less than 300px wide, unless no bigger image is available.
    3. Add the Image Template to the images you upload. This is mandatory. Fill it in as detailed here, or below.
    4. Selecting the proper license is vital to properly maintaining our images. Please choose the license which best describes the image you are uploading. The most commonly used are 'Comic Single Panel' and 'Comic Cover', respectively.
    5. Other fields that should be filled in: Issue, Subject1, Artist. Add Source if you've taken it from a different site. If you've taken it from a different site and don't know the issue, DO NOT UPLOAD IT.

    For a more in-depth guide, see Help:Image Template Hub. In addition, please take a moment to review our policies page and more specifically our image policy.

    Questions can be directed to any of our admins, or asked on our forums.

    DC Rebirth Logo
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  • The Image field on Kyle Rayner's page clearly states you mustn't change the image without discussion. Twice. Yet you ignore it.

    Don't do it again. The main image represents the character in his entire career, not what he looked like last week.

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  • Hi, welcome to DC Database! Thanks for your edit to the Guy Gardner (Prime Earth) page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • If you want to change the character image, you need to go to the talk page and start a discussion about it (which, ideally will end with everyone agreeing) before you do change it.

      Now, your image: First you need to make sure you name it properly, which means that it needs to be something like "Kyle Rayner White Lantern 001.jpg" or something like that. We have a whole article somewhere about how to name files... and if you do it wrong, someone will quite likely automatically post it to your wall, so... don't do it wrong.

      To upload a picture to the wiki, you can use the "add a photo" button on the side of most pages. However, we also require that all images have a properly filled out Image Template. You need to copy the "empty syntax" (you can see it on the page I just linked), and paste it into the blank page after you've uploaded your image.

      You can see (hopefully) how to fill out each field by looking at the instructions underneath the empty syntax on the image template page.

      Once it's up on the wiki, you can link it on the talk page discussion that I mentioned earlier, so everyone can see it and go "yeah, that's a good choice."

      ... Seems like a lot of work, but when you get used to doing it, it's easy as pie... sweet, sweet, image pie.

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    • Okay, I will try to get on it by tomorrow. Thanks for the "recipe" for the pie.

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