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Meta Ulnoor aka 'Esper Lass like Saturn Girl hales from Titan the largest moon of Saturn. Meta like all Titanians possesses the power of Telepathy. Meta is a Graduate of the Telepathy Institute on Titan. Meta came to Earth to audition for membership into the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Meta however failed the audition and was rejected from membership. She then joined with other rejected Legion applicants to form their own team known as the Legion of Super-Rejects. The team formed to take revenge on Legionnaires whose powers matched their own and prevented them from joining the team.

The Super-Rejects were defeated by their counterparts when the Legionnaires used teamwork, a concept which the Super-Rejects failed to consider.

Like several other Super-Rejects, Meta later joined the then largest assemblage of the Legion of Super-Villains in an assault on the Legion that ultimately cost Karate Kid his life.


  • Telepathy: Like others from her moon, Esper Lass is a power psychic. She can read minds, or shut them down. She can control them, or empty them of all thoughts.[1]
  • Meta Ulnoor is sometimes known simply as Esper.



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