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Metropolis is an immense city with many notable points of interest. This page contains a list of the various locales found within Metropolis. Some listings may redirect to a larger main article.

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344 Clinton Street
Main article: 344 Clinton Street

3815 Mooney Drive
This was the apartment address of a woman named Lori Murphy. Murphy was a former girlfriend of Reactron and was killed by Superwoman. Street named after veteran Supergirl artist Jim Mooney. [1]


Avenue of Tomorrow
The Avenue of Tomorrow is the central thoroughfare running through midtown Metropolis. It is the hub of many scientific research centers including branches of WayneTech and Stagg Enterprises. The busiest intersection of the avenue revolves around Metro Square. [2]


Besselo Boulevard
Besselo Boulevard is one of the major thoroughfares running through midtown Metropolis.
Big Belly Burgers
Big Belly Burgers is a restaurant chain owned by Lexcorp that appeared in the Superman series titles in the 1980s and 1990s. The mascot of the restaurant is Big Belly, who resembles a bearded version of Big Boy from the Big Boy restaurant chain.
Bridwell Communications
Bridwell Communications is a major media firm and at one point, the owner of the Daily Planet and Galaxy Broadcasting. The business is named after Superman writer/editor E. Nelson Bridwell.


Centennial Avenue
One of the main thoroughfares that runs through midtown Metropolis.
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Chapel Hill Cemetery is where the remains of the android heroine Tomorrow Woman were laid to rest. She was later resurrected by Hourman for one mission, before time corrected itself and she returned to her grave. [3]
Commerce Bank of Metropolis
This is one of the many banking institutions found in the midtown area of Metropolis. Superman first fought the villain known as Metallo at this location (Post-Crisis).


Daily Planet
Main article: Daily Planet
Danning's Circus
(Earth-One) Jimmy Olsen once drank a magic potion and had a dream that he had the ability to fly. He joined Danning's Circus and performed several aerial stunts. Whether or not Danning's Circus existed in the real world is unknown.


Easy Street
Easy Street is a thoroughfare that runs through the Suicide Slum section of Metropolis. Steel Hand maintains an Intergang hideout on Easy Street.
Ellworth Memorial Hospital
The Ellsworth Memorial Hospital is located in the city of Metropolis It is likely named after Whitney Ellsworth, a writer and editor for National Periodical Publications during the 1940s.[4]
Evans Pretzel Factory
(Earth-One) Lois Lane once had a job working for Mister Evans at the Evans Pretzel Factory. The Factory's foreman Joe Hogg was bitter at Lois' placement over that of his girlfriend Maisy. [5]




Hamilton Technologies
This was a research and development firm owned by Professor Emil Hamilton. He eventually sold the firm to S.T.A.R. Labs.
Hammersmith Tower
Located in the heart of downtown metropolis, this towering clockfaced building was the residence of Lana Lang and Supergirl.



Jimmy Olsen's Apartment
Jimmy Olsen lived with his mother Sarah in a brownstone in Bakerline.
Jules Verne Extra-Terrestrial Museum 
This was a museum dedicated to the fields of science and science fiction located on New Troy Island in Metropolis. Lex Luthor destroyed the musuem (as well as many other cultural centers) while piloting a Kryptonian warship constructed of Sunstone. [6]


Kenmore Bowling Alley
This was the sight of Superman's first confrontation with the villain known as Bloodsport. [7]


Main article: Lexcorp
Lexcorp Tower
Nestled in the heart of New Troy, the Lexcorp Tower was the single tallest building in Metropolis, and was the parent office of the Lexcorp corporation. The interior of the tower was completely lined with lead so as to prevent Superman from monitoring Luthor's actions with his X-ray vision. Later, a second tower was constructed, but both were destroyed during the Our Worlds at War event. A third Lexcorp tower has since been erected. During Luthor's tenure as President of the United States, the tower was controlled by his newly appointed CEO, Talia Head. When Luthor returned to Lexcorp, it was the foundation for his ambitious Everyman Project. The tower is presently run by Lexcorp's current CEO Lana Lang.
Lois Lane's Apartment
Lois Lane's apartment was located in Midtown Metropolis prior to her marriage to Clark Kent.


Metro Palace Theater
The Metro Palace Theater was a vintage style movie house that closed down years ago. The last film featured at the theater was The Man Who Would be King. [8]

Metropolis Bay
Located at the mouth of the West River in Metropolis, Metropolis Bay is the site of Stryker's Island Penitentiary.

Metropolis Diamond Echange
The Metropolis Diamond Echange was once robbed by a Superman Robot created by the Joker.

Metropolis Grande Hotel
This is one of Metropolis' more respected and posh resorts catering to the rich and famous. Lois Lane once conducted an interview with social advocate G. Gordon Godfrey here. [9]
Metropolis International Airport
An airport located in Metropolis.
Metropolis Museum
In Earth-One continuity, this was where Lewis Lang often worked on his various archaeological projects.
Metropolis Park
This is a public recreation area found in the New Troy district of Metropolis. It is not to be confused with Centennial Park.

Metro Square
Metro Square is located in the business district of midtown Metropolis at the intersections of 42nd street and the Avenue of Tomorrow.[10]

Metropolis Star
The Metropolis Star is a news publication media outlet and one of the primary competitors to the Daily Planet. Toby Raynes, a former lover of Maggie Sawyer, worked as a reporter for the Metropolis Star.
(Earth-One) Mid-City lies on the outskirts of the greater Metropolis area, possibly near Midvale.


Newstime Magazine
Newstime Magazine is a print media company owned by Collin Thornton. Several years ago, Collin managed to convince Clark Kent to leave the Daily Planet and work at Newstime as the magazine's managing editor. Kent's tenure with Newstime was brief however.


Outlook Park 
Outlook Park is one of several recreation areas to be found in the city of Metropolis.


Pike Island
(Earth-One) Pike Island is located just off the coast of Metropolis. A group of criminals once started a fire on the island to lure Superman away so they could plant some stolen diamonds. [11]
Police Precinct #55
This was the headquarters of the Metropolis Metacrime division. A separate entity from that of the Special Crimes Unit, this division was led by Inspector Michael Henderson.
Project Cadmus
Main article: Project Cadmus




Shuster Arena
The Shuster Arena is one of several sports centers located in the city of Metropolis. The name is derived from Superman co-creator, Joe Shuster. [12]

Silk Glove Club
The Silk Glove Club is a front for an Intergang safe house on Easy Street in the Suicide Slum section of Metropolis
Simon Kirby Riverside Park
Located not far away from Centennial Park, The Simon Kirby Riverside Park was one of the many locales first visited by the Last Son of Krypton during the "Reign of the Supermen!". Presumably, it is named after veteran comic creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby [13]
S.T.A.R. Labs
Main article: S.T.A.R. Labs

Stain, The
The Stain was the name of an arcade in Metropolis. It became the site of a massive Teen Titans recruitment drive and later the team's new headquarters.
Sullivan Place
Sullivan Place is a high-rise apartment located in Metropolis. Clark Kent and Lois Lane currently reside there.
Superboy memorial statue
Located in Centennial Park in Metropolis, this statue honors the fallen hero, Superboy, who heroically gave his life to stop the efforts of Alexander Luthor during the Infinite Crisis event. His statue is located right next to the Superman memorial statue. [14]

Superman memorial statue
Located in Centennial Park in Metropolis, this statue honors Superman, who lost his life while saving Metropolis from the threat of Doomsday. Although Superman has since been resurrected, the statue remains.



University of Metropolis
Also known as Metropolis University or Met-U, this prestigious college is located in the Mount Royal neighborhood of Queensland Park. Both Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen graduated from the University of Metropolis.



Weisinger Square
This is an intersection located in the Central Business District of Metropolis. It is likely named after Silver Age DC Comics editor Mort Weisinger. [15]
Werner Building
This was the name of the original structure that was once Hamilton Technologies, which later became the S.T.A.R. Labs parent office in Metropolis. [16]
WGBS is a news channel owned by the media conglomerate Galaxy Broadcasting and located in the city of Metropolis. In the Silver Age continuity, both Clark Kent and Lana Lang were WGBS news broadcasters.





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