Quote1 That's why you need me, to keep you in check. Quote2
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Mia Dearden was fighting in an underground fight club when she was suddenly forced to leave by an intimidating man named Rick. Oliver Queen, who had witnessed Mia's fight, decided to follow her and discovered that she was a forced prostitute and that Rick was her handler. Oliver sought her out, and made a proposal to make her a better fighter and get out of her life on the streets. At first she was reluctant to the idea but ended up accepting. Oliver turned her into his driver and then, she stole his car to pay back Rick, but he was not willing to let her go. Rick forced her to help him kidnap Oliver and inadvertently, Lois Lane as well. Mia tried to do the right thing, and made a turnaround but in the end failed, due to intimidation. Mia went back to the streets after thinking she had lost Oliver's confidence, but then, Oliver came back for her and did not give up on her.

Weeks later, Mia surprised Oliver for a training session but Oliver overreacted and nearly killed her. She became concerned about Oliver's reaction and began to distrust him. She appeared at the LuthorCorp office to talk with him and discovered that Oliver goes over surveillance photos of the city. Mia wanted to help him solve who was responsible for attacking Lois as well as following him, but Oliver was very hostile and told her to leave and never return. While walking the streets, she was followed by Vordigan, who kidnapped her. She was sent in a hedge maze and used as bait for Oliver to appear and then discovered that Oliver was the Green Arrow. Oliver and Clark Kent managed to come to her aid and stopped the Dark Archer before he could hurt her. The next day Mia told Oliver that she would keep his secret, and then Oliver apologized to her. She then remained at Oliver's side as his disciple-apprentice.





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