The Miagani are a tribe of people who based their lifestyle around bats after seeing the glory brought by a man of bats, and eventually had descendants that gave birth to that very man.

Prehistoric Era

The "man of bats," emerging from a cave that had once been home to the Old Man, saved the tribe from destruction at the hands of Vandar Adg's Blood Tribe while wearing a cape formed from the corpse of a giant bat, utilizing strange thrown weaponry. In his honor, the former "Deer People," led by Hath-Set, renamed themselves the "Bat People" following Adg being cast from his own tribe due to the omen of a solar eclipse on the day of his fight with the man of bats.[1][2]

Over time, the Miagani carried bat-relics across the Siberian bridge into Europe, including the cape worn by the man of bats before he had exited the cave.[3]

17th Century

By this point in time, the Miagani had developed many primitive weapons with black bat insignias on them, such as darts with fletching in the shape of black bat wings. They had also taken to sleeping upside down, hanging from ceilings of their cave much like bats themselves. They also had taken up the cave that the prehistoric savior had come out of as their home.

Captured by Blackbeard and mistaken for the "Black Pirate", the "man of bats" emerged from the time stream in the 1600s, where Blackbeard was planning on stealing the fabled treasure of the Miagani. Just as the Black Pirate defeated Blackbeard in combat, Blackbeard's allies planned on killing Jack Valor, one of their crew. However, within seconds of the challenge, two of the pirates were dead by Miagani darts, leaving only Blackbeard and Hands, his closest ally at hand, who had made the threat. Recognizing the man of bats, the remnants of the Miagani tribe, having been around the cave, brought him into the most sacred part of their cave, guarded by their patron spirit, "the Lord of Night and the Dark Sun", who supposedly guarded them against the day they call the "All-Over". At the back of the cave was the cape of the Lord of Night, which the man of bats, Batman, had been wearing when he was initially thrust back in time. As a result, he was given back some of his own memories due to finding this cape once more before he left the cave, giving his blessing to Jack Valor on his own identity as the true Black Pirate.[3]

19th Century

By the time of Jonah Hex, the Miagani were infamous as being capable of "turning the sky upside down", and were the owners of the box containing something allegedly capable of ending the world, written Jack Valor at the behest of Batman. Catherine Van Derm, wife of Alan Wayne, was a descendent of the tribe, believed to be one of the only people capable of opening the box, as she knew the whistle code of the Miagani that functioned as a key.[4]

On Prime Earth, some members of the tribe remained active at this point still in their cave, the Van Derms having branded off from them. These people were considered a "lost tribe" by Dr. Amadeus Arkham to Jonah Hex. Though they still used primitive weapons, they still proved dangerous to the two. Though initially hostile,[5] they were impressed by the explorers in their cave once Hex had killed a massive prehistoric bat in the cave and shown its head to them, and in exchange, directed Arkham and Hex to climb up a certain crevice to escape the cave.[6]

20th Century

The Miagani tribe itself did not survive to the 20th century, destroyed in the making of the modern Gotham City on the gravesite of Doctor Gotham by someone who was possibly an individual by the name of Blackfire,[7] but their cave remained, along with their sacred relic, the Batsuit that Batman had worn when he shot Darkseid.[3] All that remained was their re-founder, Batman, and their offshoot in the form of his family, descended from them by way of the Van Derms.



  • Various traps, including electrical ones, hidden in their cave.

Transportation: None known.

  • Various bat-marked weapons.


  • No special notes.


  • In Batman: Arkham Knight, one district of Gotham City is named Miagani Island, which, according to the Riddler, was named for this tribe.
  • Saying this, the Riddler adds that the Miaganis had for god a Bat-god, implicating this god was probably Batman or maybe Barbatos

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