Mike Boyd was a con-man and drug dealer from New Jersey, who posed as flashy cajun Skeeter LaRue to get access to Myndi Mayer and her client list.

During his stay at the company, he got Myndi addicted to cocaine, and thus to him. He used her client list to get more customers. When word of this came out, other clients broke off with the company. The reputation and business went south, and gained attention.

Skeeter was contacted by Choi, a shady businesspartner of Henry Cobb Armbruster, to arrange a secret sale of computer chips at a special Wonder Woman fair. It went wrong when a fight between Wonder Woman and Silver Swan disrupted the handover.

In the wake of the attack, Mayer lost more clients, and discovered what Skeeter was up to. She confronted him and threatened to go to the police. He reminded her of her addiction, and explained she would not turn him in. He left her office, leaving her a parting gift, a bag of cocaine. That night, he decided to kill her. He shot her and then by pure luck was able to frame Steve London for it. What he didn't know was that she had already overdosed on the parting gift he left her.

He fled to Bedford, where Wonder Woman found him and interrogated him with her lasso. In an ensuing firefight with the Chinese triads, Skeeter was killed.



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