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Quote1 The individual life is irrelevant When the survival of the species is at stake. Quote2
-- Michael Patten (New Earth) src

From all appearances, Patten enjoyed an uneventful childhood, and as an adult, entered the field of civil engineering. As a hobby, he pursued research into ancient civilizations, a hobby that his wife and daughter supported. Over the course of time, he became convinced that at some point in history…more than 15,000 years ago…there had been a great civilization on the planet Earth, which had been destroyed by a cataclysm of some kind. (This may be based on some of the legends concerning Atlantis, but thus far there is no proof of this.)

Tragically, when a massive earthquake destroyed his hometown of Gotham City some years ago, Patten's wife and daughter were killed right before his eyes. This trauma apparently unhinged his mind, and he became obsessed with the idea that another cataclysm…or perhaps a series of them…was due to destroy modern civilization. But when his peers refused to believe his wild stories, Patten determined that mankind must be shown that the end is near, and thus, he became the Answer to make them take notice. He also began to commit spectacular crimes to finance his further research into his theory.

Ultimately, Patten was stopped by Batman and his sometime-partner, Nightwing. Patten was then committed to Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, where he remain since then.


  • Mechanical Engineering: He create several devices to help in his crimes, like the Telescopic Cane, various bomb types.


  • Telescopic Cane: One of the Patton's inventions, the main capabilities are Flashlight, Taser, laser and others 43 capabilities not yet revealed.



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