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When Spider-Boy was able to save a boy named Mig-El Gand from a blast from a radiation beam, he found out that he was being poisoned by the radiation. Pete then put Mig-El into suspended animation for Pete to develop a cure in the future. Mig-El woke up and 100 years had passed, and in this timeline, Mig-El was not only cured by a spider serum made by Pete from the future, but also given the powers of a spider. Mig-El decided to used his powers for good and became Spider-Boy 2099. When Spider-Boy faced an extra dimensional villain, Spider-Boy 2099 time-traveled to the present and together with his predecessor, defeated the villain. Before going back to his own timeline, he told Spider-Boy that his life wouldn't be the same since being married to the Insect Queen. In the middle of his superhero career, Spider-Man joined the Legion of Galactic Guardians of 2099.


  • Unique Physiology: After being given the spider serum developed by Spider-Boy, it not only cured Mig-El of his radiation poisoning but also gave him powers based on a spider.



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