Mikhail came from a line of people who lived near the Balkans and can "control the hand of luck". He was chosen as an exchange student through an organization set up by LuthorCorp.

Season 4

A young foreign-exchange student, Mikhail was sponsored by LuthorCorp. Mikhail and started an underground gambling ring at Smallville High School. He used his powers to control all the gamblers involving in his ring. His powers could even control Clark Kent, enough to strangle him and force him to play in the game and lose. Chloe Sullivan managed to find a way to stop him using a frequency jammer to scramble his powers. This prevented Mikhail from using his powers permanently.

After Mikhail was arrested, Lex Luthor gained custody of him and took him to a mysterious Level 33.1 beneath the Metropolis LuthorCorp Plaza building where, as Luthor said, Mikhail's powers would return to him.

Vengeance Chronicles

Mxyzptlk was able to escape from Level 33.1 at some point. He worked together with Molly Griggs to try to stop 33.1. His powers were more powerful than ever. Oliver Queen found them and tried to recruit them but Mikhail resisted, assuming that Lex and Oliver were both trying to lock them up in 33.1. Oliver knocked out Mikhail in enough time for Molly to escape.



  • Mikhail's powers can be jammed by a frequency jammer designed to emit on the same frequency used by his powers. This frequency jammer can be produced using radio technology, or it can be produced naturally by a swarm of locusts.
  • Mikhail Mxyzptlk was played by Trent Ford.
  • Mikhail pronounces his name as Mix-ill-pit-ill-lick.



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