The Milkman is one of the elder figures of the British superhero community. He's most famous for taking down Two-Ton Ted from Teddington back in the Sixties. Today he's one of the many British superheroes who frequent the Time in a Bottle, a London pub catering to the costumed community. He and his friend Salt of the Earth were giving Shrike, a newcomer to the pub, a hard time when Squire intervened. Later that evening when a fight broke out in the pub, he and Jarvis Poker, The British Joker used their powers to stop the fight. During the American Joker's reign of terror on British heroes, his allies Hammer and Tongs had to prevent him from using lethal force against one of the Joker's mind controlled minions.[1]


The Milkman has several dairy based powers.

  • Milk of Human Kindness makes the targets become merry and uninterested in fighting.
  • Gold Topped Bottles appear to be lethal, or at least dangerous enough that the Milkman's allies warned him against using them against the Joker's mind controlled victims.