Minxy Minerva was a former child aviatrix and aeronautics engineer, with the catchphrase "Yinkies!", and a resident of Tranquility. Despite her severe dementia (possibly caused by Alzheimer's Disease) she still has powerful friends in top positions in the U.S. Government because her plane designs are credited with a large part of the Allied victory in World War II.

Despite bouts of confusion, in which she thinks she's still fighting in the European Theatre (and that Seresa Lindo is her former sidekick Venus), Minxy continues building and flying airplanes, which usually results in spectacular crashes, risking her life, the life of her assistant, Seresa Lindo, and anyone who happens to be nearby. Tommy Lindo has sought to revoke her license, or equipment, but Alex Fury has vetoed this due to Minerva's years of public service and friends in governmental offices.


  • Minxy is a genius inventor, capable of creating magnificent vehicular designs.