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Quote1 This-- is-- my-- life! Quote2
-- Manikin src

Miranda was a former top model and uprising actress. She was born in West Germany and worked for some of the most notorious fashion designers. Her career came to an end when her vehicle exploded and a fire disfigured her face. Months later, Miranda adopted the identity of Manikin using a costume created by her brother, Victor. The costume gave Miranda the appearance of a mannequin, but it also made her stronger than a normal person. After learning that her accident was planed, Miranda started her vendetta against the people responsible for her hideous disfigurement and she killed two of the people involved. When she tried to murder the third accomplice, she was stopped by Batman, who also exposed the crimes of the ones responsible for Miranda's fate.


  • Manikin costume powered with servo-mechanisms which grants the wearer additional strength.



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