Mircea was a vampire operating out of Portsmouth City. While drinking the blood of a young woman outside of a trendy nightclub, Mircea ran afoul of JSA member Doctor Mid-Nite. He attacked Mid-Nite and bit him across the throat, drinking his blood. Doctor Mid-Nite woke up inside of his Portsmouth City laboratory. After examining a sample of Mircea's blood from the fight, Mid-Nite concluded that Mircea was a victim of the same A39 steroid that took away his sight. The results convinced him that Mircea was not a true vampire.

Doctor Mid-Nite and his pet sidekick Charlie the Owl went on patrol around Mircea's known feeding grounds. Charlie raked his shoulder, and Mid-Nite distracted him with a blinding strobe pellet. He then hurled several throwing darts at him, striking him in the arms and legs. Mircea pulled them free and threw them back at him. The two began fighting up close, and Mid-Nite injected him with Rocuronium, inducing temporary paralysis. He then remanded Mircea to the care of the Portsmouth City Mental Institution.

Mid-Nite visited Mircea's room the following day dressed in civilian attire. He tried to explain to Mircea that he is not a vampire, but Mircea retorted by saying that he doesn't know where the myths end and where the truth begins. He further told him that the two are connected to one another.


Although Mircea believes himself a vampire, Doctor Pieter Cross believes conclusively that he is nothing more than a victim of biological alteration and not a product of the supernatural. Trace elements of the A39 steroid in Mircea's blood have produced a side effect similar to xeroderma pegmentosa, the inability of the skin to repair damage from ultraviolet light. Atrification of Mircea's pituitary gland, caused him to develop cataracts, suggesting blindness, though it is uncertain whether Mircea suffers from impaired vision. The A39 steroid is the same chemical that robbed Doctor Mid-Nite's sight.

  • Mircea is named for Mircea cel Bătrân, a 15th century voivode of Wallachia and father to Vlad Ţepeş Drăculea, the historical Count Dracula.