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The Missile Men were originally a race created by Z-1 on the junkyard planet that were just mindless replicas. After the first defeat of the metal men, there were appearance of more intelligent, specifically scientist. Z-1 first sends a Rocket Man a modified Missile Man as a probe.

Which they were force to detonate as the Metal Men captured it, then evil replicas of the Metal Men to ruin there reputation. when the Metal Men defeated the imposter a second invasion of Missile Men are sent to attack en mass. In a last ditch effort Tin, Mercury and Gold fuse with Iron to make a giant magnet, the Missile Men are forcibly drawn to the fused being. The fuse hero's then rushed to a gas tank to destroy the Missile Men.

Much later, they return not only to cause trouble for the Metal Men but the Green Lantern as well in a elaborate plan of Z-1, even using a ray that messes with the Metal Men Responsometer, attacking the Green Lantern

The Metal Men finally defeated Z-1 and his army of Missile Men with the help of the unconscious Green Lantern's Power ring.

But tragically, a lone Missile Man was responsible for destroying Tin's love interest, Nameless.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


None known.

Average Strength level





Habitat: The Missile Men live in a planet full of junk.


Representatives: Z-1

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