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Quote1 Senator, please... my friends call me "Bones". Quote2
-- Mister Bones src

During World War 2, the man who would become Mister Bones was a member of, and presumably the leader, of a government task force codenamed "ShadowPact", created to counter the Axis Thule Society. Other members included Felix Faust and John Zatara, though the latter left the team after their first mission. At some point, Shadowpact came into contact with the Olympian god Hades, who promised them eternal youth if they aided him in escaping from the prison he had been sealed in by his brother, Zeus, and the queen of the Amazon tribe, Hippolyta. Bones could not fulfill his end of the bargain and was punished by the ancient deity, who used magic to turn Bones' skin, muscles and organs invisible and stain his bones black, giving the agent the appearence of a walking skeleton.

In the present, Bones is the head of the government agency D.E.O. and uses a weekly treatment with body paint to appear normal and carry out day-to-day matters.

  • It was the first appearance of Mister Bones outside the mainstream comic books.


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