Quote1 Ho there! Know that I am Lord Karrant the Westermark! Hammer of the Eighty Years' War and slayer of the dreaded Hellfrost monster! Quote2
-- Karrant src

This mysterious wizard of the 13th Floor Witches began life as a mighty sorcerer in the Homelands named Karrant. When the rest of his kingdom was razed, Karrant had cast a spell that made him unnoticeable to the Adversary, as well as making any land he currently inhabited safe from conquer. He finally found his way to Fabletown in the Mundane world. Warned to keep his magic hidden from Mundys, he worked under the guise of a simple stage magician, performing cheap parlor tricks. From this time on, he used the name "Master Kadabra".

He was murdered by Dorothy Gale, as a message to her old foe, Cinderella.


  • Immortality: As a Fable, Mr. Kadabra is effectively immortal, with a lifespan that goes back several hundred years.
  • Magic