Mr. Revise is a literal, an extended family of entities that embody aspects of literature. In Revises case he represents editing and censorship. His job is to act as a safeguard against his father, Kevin Thorns more dangerous creations. It was thanks to Revise that science was possible when he edited the story to make the laws of physics constant.

When he first appeared Revise came to with one thing in mind, to end magic. He claims he had almost suceeded until the Fables came, restoring imagination and undoing all his hard work. He started capturing Fables, hiding them away from the mundanes and dulling their stories of their violence and grim nature, and even rendering some so obscure that not even the fable know if they were really ever fables at all.

He was suceeding in his mission until the capture of Jack Horner who managed to lead many of the Fables to freedom and escape the Village.