Mitch Grayson was an aerialist who, along with his father John, his mother Mary, and his brother Dick, have performed together as the Flying Graysons. Sometime before Batman Forever, Mitch's rope broke during practice, and his brother swung out to save him. Grateful for the rescue, Mitch called his brother "Robin", a name that would later become his superhero identity. During the events of the movie, Harvey Dent as Two-Face threatened to blow up the Gotham City Hippodrome that the circus was performing in with a bomb unless Batman revealed himself. As Two-Face activated the bomb, John, Mary, and Mitch worked together to fell Two-Face's goons while Dick concentrated on getting rid of the bomb. While Dick was successful, Two-Face gunned down John, Mary, and Mitch causing them to fall to their deaths, which made Dick desire to get his revenge on Two-Face.