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Moira Queen is the mother of Oliver Queen and wife to millionaire industrialist Robert Queen. They left their son orphaned when they died during a safari in Africa,
Information-silk Real Name
Moira Dearden Queen
Information-silk Current Alias
Information-silk Relatives
Robert Queen (ex-husband, deceased)
Oliver Queen (son)
Thea Queen (daughter)
Walter Steele (ex-husband)
Unnamed Grandchild
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Information-silk Identity
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Information-silk Marital Status
Information-silk Occupation
formerly CEO of Queen Consolidated

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First appearance
Appearance of Death

Quote1 Can I offer you some advice, one mother to another? When it comes to your children, there is no action that is inconceivable; there is no decision that is impossible. You do what you must to provide the life that they need. Quote2
-- Moira Queen src


Moira Queen is the widow of Robert Queen, and the mother of Oliver and Thea. She is also a longtime friend of Malcolm Merlyn, and is a reluctant co-conspirator of his mysterious "undertaking." When Robert's loyalty to The Undertaking began to wane, Moira sabotaged the family yacht, the Queen's Gambit, resulting in Robert being killed, and Oliver being stranded on Lian Yu for 5 years. Moira eventually became involved with Robert's CFO, Walter Steele, and eventually ended up marrying him. When Oliver returned home a changed man, Moira attempted to determine if Oliver became privy to any of Robert's secrets. Convinced that he had not, Moira refocused her energies to protecting her family, convincing Thea that Oliver's changed personality should be forgivable, considering his ordeal on the island, and blackmailing Malcolm into leaving her family alone. Ultimately, this arrangement is void as both Walter and Oliver eventually end up investigating the suspicious circumstances behind Robert's death. Moira's reluctantly renews her commitment to the undertaking when Malcolm kidnaps Walter and uses him as leverage, but secretly plots against them with China White.



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