Little is known about the early life of Moira Sullivan. By 1987 she had married Gabe Sullivan and had a daughter, Chloe.[1]

At some point, both Moira and her daughter were infected by Green Kryptonite. As a result, Moira developed an ability to control others who were meteor infected, if she held an object belonging to that person. Due to her daughter's own meteor infection, Moira was able to control her. However, Moira became horrified when this control resulted in Chloe harming herself, after she had told the girl to wash her hands.[2]

To protect her daughter, Moira had herself committed in 1995. However, as meteor infection and metahumans were unheard off at that time, Moira was believed to be delusional and ended up being misdiagnosed with a hereditary mental illness.[2][3]

Moira was reunited with her daughter in 2006, but soon fell into a catatonic state.[4][2] A year later, Moira had been transferred to a LuthorCorp facility, where they conducted experiments on the meteor infected. Thanks to a serum developed by LuthorCorp's scientists, Moira became lucid again.[2]

Shortly afterwards, Moira was once more reunited with her daughter, who was also taken prisoner by Lex Luthor. The two managed to escape, thanks to Clark Kent.[2]

Unfortunately, the LuthorCorp serum only lasted for 24 hours. Due to them having no access to it, Moira soon re-entered her catatonic state. However, before this happened, Clark had told her everything about Chloe's life and Moira had expressed how proud she was over Chloe.[2]

Afterwards, Moira was placed under the safe care of Oliver Queen and sent to Star City.[2] It's unknown if she ever became lucid again.



  • Power Limitation: Moira's mind control ability is limited to the meteor infected. She also requires to hold an object, that belongs to the person, to be able to control them.
  • Moira was portrayed by two different actresses. In the Season 5 episode "Tomb", she was portrayed by an uncredited blond woman, whose face is not shown. In the Season 6 episode "Progeny", she was portrayed by Lynda Carter.
  • Her birthday is September 20, 1960.[2]



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