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Quote1 First I'll kill you , then the bat. Then I'll take this planet. Quote2
-- Mongul src

Mongul was an intergalactic warlord and ruler of Warworld. When Superman and Martian Manhunter accidentally accidentally exploded an asteroid filled with hydrogen pockets, they were both caught in the blast and were floating through space. A Warworld cruiser found and collected the unconscious heroes, and took them aboard. The captain stated that Superman should do well on Warworld. The heroes attempted escape once on Warworld, but only Martian Manhunter got away. Superman was brought to Mongul, who declared that Superman be pitted against Mongul's best gladiator in the games, Draaga. The fight ended badly, for Draaga, and Mongul was left with no choice but to force Superman to lose in a fight with Mongul, to make Mongul look good. Mongul did this by threatening to destroy Draaga's homeworld with a doomsday weapon if Superman didn't comply. Midway through Superman and Draaga's fight, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter arrived and destroyed the weapon, thus leaving Mongul defenseless against Superman. But before Supes could own Mongul, Draaga arrived and beat the crud out of Mongul for holding Draaga and his homeward hostage for so long. Mongul was promptly deposed from his throne on Warworld.

For the Man Who Has Everything

Mongul appeared again to bedevil the Justice League when Superman's birthday rolled around. Batman and Wonder Woman went to the Fortress of Solitude with gifts for Superman, only to find that Mongul had neutralized the Man of Steel by latching an alien plant onto his chest. The plant caused whatever it was latched onto to have their perfect dream. This plot was foiled however, and Mongul was beaten.





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