Once an ordinary mountain gorilla, Mallah was a lab animal that the scientist who would become the Brain used as a subject for experiments in physical and mental enhancement. The experiments were a complete success, granting Mallah the ability to speak and think like a human, as well as boosting his intelligence to genius levels. Mallah joined his master in the Brotherhood of Evil as the team's muscle, tech expert and, most importantly, the Brain's bodyguard and right-hand ape. While most might write Mallah off as a cliche henchman, Mallah's intellect is matched only by his strength and primal savagery. He would gladly rip an enemy's throat out with his teeth!

During the course of the BoE's many battles with the Doom Patrol, Mallah became a frequent antagonist to the young Beast Boy, who he seemed to take a sadistic pleasure in mangaling with his huge hands. Then, everything changed when the Doom Patrol foiled the Brain's new plan to hold the world ransom with black holes. Seeing his teammates in danger, Beast Boy transformed into a Tyrannosaurus rex, easily flinging the great ape aside and saving his team.




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