Mookie was a hired gun for Joker until the clown killed him with a bomb. Afraid of death, Mookie used kinetic force to recreate his body mass to make it seem he was alive.

He then started working for LexCorp under the orders and supervision of Lex Luthor's assistant and bodyguard, Mercy Graves, along with two other hired guns. They were told to guard a large pipe that connected Gotham City and mainland USA during No Man's Land. The tunnel had not been used for a while and Batman thought that it was clear for use. Batman told Catwoman about the tunnel so she could get in and out of Gotham to deliver some disks Batman needed her to steal for him from Hard Case Inc. Catwoman was discovered by Mookie and he sets off a bomb that blows a hole in the empty pipe letting river water pour in. Catwoman and Luthor's henchmen worked together to open the pipe door that leads to the mainland. Catwoman then convinces the two of them to work for her. A minute later Mookie comes out of the pipe unharmed and joined the group as well.

The three of them traveled to New York City, where Catwoman has Mookie dress up as "Countess Agnora" and the other two act has her escorts as they make base in a fancy hotel. While there, Catwoman makes plans for the robbery of Hardcases Inc.'s headquarters where the disks were being held.

While Catwoman was stealing the disks; the two ex-LexCorp guards and someone who seems to be Catwoman fought againts several Hardcase operatives. Mookie was the one disguised as Catwoman and he set off a bomb that presumably kills him and three operatives of Hardcases, while injuring several others and damaging the headquarters.

Catwoman managed to steal the disks from the safe they were located and then she meets her crew at the hotel with the disks. They are angry at her for being responsible for Mookie's death. She then points out to the two that Mookie is laying down in one of the bedrooms in the suite. They rush in to find Mookie perfectly uninjured. Although he seems to be high. Catwoman presents her theory about Mookie's ability to survive the bomb blast.

The four of them then lay low while Catwoman auctions off the disks via the internet. Both Mercy Graves and Maxie Zeus are among the highest bidders. Mercy Graves wins with the financial backing of her boss, Lex Luthor. Catwoman has Mookie and the other two wait at the World Trade Center for the probable ambush, while Catwoman goes off to make the trade. Maxie Zeus arrived as expected and attacked the three hired soldiers. Mookie is shot several times but the bullets ricocheted. Suddenly, several operatives from Hardcases show up and also attack. They steal the decoy package from Mookie and force Maxie Zeus and his mob to surrender. The police soon arrive on the scene and arrest everyone except the Hardcase operatives. Inside the decoy package is a message from Catwoman revealing the true location of the trade off.

After a long absence, Catwoman finds her old crew in Gotham and they are worried that Mercy will discover their relationship with Catwoman and kill them. Catwoman gives two of them passports and 1 million dollars, along with tickets to the Cayman Islands where she tells them to hide.

They wanted to know what would happen to Mookie. Catwoman explains that when she found out that bullets would bounce off in Mookie, she realized that he wasn't really alive. She explains that he has been dead for a while. Mookie responds by saying that it was "dark" and he "wanted to stay with his buddies". Catwoman continues by saying that Mookie gathered enough kinetic energy for enough body mass to make it seem like he was alive. Deadman arrived shortly after, only to be seen by Mookie and not the others, although Catwoman can tell he's there. Deadman then takes Mookie to the "other side".


  • Energy Absorption: He absorbs the heat and energy waves from explosions in order to charge his kinetic energy that allows hims to control his own density.[1]
  • Density Control: He is able to gather enough kinetic force to build himself a body similar to the one he used to have when he was alive.[2]
  • Invulnerability: He can resist bullet shots and explosions of any kind.
  • Self-Sustenance