Mophir was the last of an order who protected the Heart of Darkness, a crystal that held the spiritual remains of the Ophidians, a race of snake people who wanted to control the world by engulfing it in darkness. A squadron of US soldiers went into his cave where one solider took the crystal in greed. Mophir tried to stop them, but the entity possessed one member of the soldiers, General McCormick, causing a cave in. Mophir miraculously survived the encounter, then proceeded to track down the Heart of Darkness.

In his endeavors, Mophir crossed paths with The Flash, who initially thought he was crazy. But upon hearing what the old man was saying sounded like what the possessed General had said in an earlier confrontation, the Fastest man alive opted to hear the old man out. Mophir told Flash of the war between the Ophidians and the humans eons ago, and the threat the possessed. After the world was saved, The Flash got Mophir a job as a commercial spokesman.