Quote1 Merlin chose well when he summoned this demon, Etrigan!! But the last word belongs to Morgaine le Fey! Quote2
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Morgaine le Fey, or known as Morgana, is the ancient and diabolical sorceress of Arthurian legends. Her history is slightly different from the legends but she is a sorceress gifted in the arts of black magic. A daughter of the chief of the Homo Magi in ancient Britain. She is the middle sister of Nimue Inwudu (Madame Xanadu) (the youngest) and Vivienne Inwudu (the Lady of the Lake, the eldest), whom she trained them to become adept with sorcery. Although it is not clear whether "sister" in this context is a symbolic title or a blood relation. All three women are said to be descended from the "Elder Folk," explaining Morgaine's affinity with magic.[1] She used magic to make others believe she was one of the daughters of Duke Gorlois of Cornwall and Lady Igraine, trying unsuccessfully to keep Igraine and King Uther apart after Uther had spurned her advances. She later had an affair with King Arthur, the son of Uther and Igraine, resulting in a son named Mordred whom she raised to kill his father and destroy his kingdom. She uses her gifts without restraint and is quite willing to destroy the universe in order to gain more power. Morgaine comes to blame her half-brother King Arthur for stealing her birthright and that of her sisters. She conspired against him throughout his time on the throne and seeks the destruction of Camelot.[2]

In the waning days of Camelot, Merlin merged his demon familiar Etrigan with a man, Jason Blood, as part of a last ditch effort to defend the kingdom against Morgaine le Fey's assault. Blood had been an ally of le Fey and is bonded to the Demon as penance. He and Morgaine become enemies henceforth. Following the fall of Camelot, Morgaine continues to practice her dark arts and retains her youth for many centuries, always seeking more power and a new kingdom to rule. By the 20th century, Merlin has arisen anew and tricks Morgaine, causing her to lose her youth and beauty which she had preserved using her magics. She wishes to replenish her youth with Merlin's secrets. She forces Jason Blood to become the Demon again and to lead her to Merlin's tomb. The Demon eventually strives to keep Morgaine le Fey from restoring her youth with the powers of Merlin.


Morgaine teamed up with the Antimatter Universe of the Riddler called Enigma and the alien warlord Despero to usurp the symbolic position of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The trio of villains succeeded in creating an alternate timeline with their efforts. However, the spell was not entirely successful, as "Despero" was in fact the alien villain Kanjar Ro in disguise, which disrupts Morgaine's enchantment.

While her bid for godhood was disrupted, she nonetheless acquires magical might to enslave the Earth by infusing an already powerful supervillain team with the might of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, giving them a measure of control over reality. As she is part of this Dark Arcana team, as the High Priestess, she has also this measure of control, allowing her to bring Europe and most of Minor Asia under her control, and ultimately lead the forces of good back to America for a final showdown of the powers of the Arcana. This bid also fails, as the divinely-empowered Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman return from their exile and destroy the Dark Arcana's reality-based powers, vanquishing Morgaine's control over Europe. Morgaine, ultimately, seeks the aid of Krona, first, to enslave, and later, to destroy the Earth, as she preferred to have it blasted to nothingness than allow it to remain outside of her control. However, even this alliance fails, as Morgaine had offered Krona the soul of Enigma's daughter, causing him to turn on her. Defeated, Morgaine was then imprisoned in a stone idol, which is placed in the custody of Jason Blood.


  • Magic: Morgan le Fey is a sorceress skilled in the use of black magic. She has cast spells that are able to control even the strongest of supernatural beings.
  • Dimensional Travel: She was able to transport Wonder Woman to another dimension (The Nether Plane) and fight her for her Amazonian fighting skills.
  • Flight
  • Immortality: However, she lost this ability and that she must "steal" immortality from other immortals in order to maintain her youth.



  • Magical Device: By using a device, she was able to magically view individuals from miles away.
  • Magical Armor: After Merlin robs her of her youth and beauty, she wears a golden armor to shield her withered and ancient body.
  • Magical Machine: Morgaine also possesses a machine capable of binding beings and stealing their immortal life forces.
  • This character is an adaptation of Morgan le Fay, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at



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