Mother Mae-Eye came into the lives of the Teen Titans when Cyborg brought home a pie he bought from a gypsy that the team members ate, smothering them with motherly affection and feeding them with an endless supply of pies. However, during the Titans' fight with the H.I.V.E. Five at the mall, where Starfire hits her head on a lamppost, she starts seeing Mother Mae-Eye for what she really is, her real intentions being devouring the rest of the Titans members still under her spell. She gets the other Titans to see her real form, and they work together to trap Mother Mae-Eye into a pie which they later send to the H.I.V.E. Five, having them become her victims. Mae-Eye's outward personality is very sugary and excessively maternal. She is sometimes very strict and overbearing (usually because she feels that her "children" are being disobedient), but mostly comes across very sweet and motherly despite being one of the Titans' enemies. She tends to treat her victims as immature children; cooking, cleaning, tidying, and doing things for them rather than letting them do things themselves (like tying your shoes, brushing your hair, or cleaning boogers out of one's nose). Her habit of treating her victims like children is so extreme that she sends them to bed at only 5:00 pm and replaces Robin's weapons with things like rattles, pacifiers, teddy bears and milk bottles. When communicating with her victims, she speaks to them in motherese, i.e. in a manner reminiscent of communicating with a newborn, infant, toddler, or four-year-old, frequently calling them "sweeties," "little ones," "children," and similar terms of endearment (regardless of how old her victims really are) as well as cute nicknames for each of her victims. She seems to have a habit of pinching her victims' cheeks, as she does this to Raven twice. Mae-Eye also has a habit of dressing her victims in childish outfits, such as a frilly, sunny dress on a dark and moody person, that reflect the opposite of their normal personalities.


  • Reality Alteration Mother Mae-Eye has magical abilities that enable her to manipulate reality as she sees fit. She can create pies through which she can control her subjects who eat them, siphoning their "love" from them. Those who are under Mother Mae-Eye's spell only see her as a nice-looking kind-hearted woman instead of her hideous green three-eyed actual appearance. Her victims, regardless of age, come under hallucinations that she is their mother and increasingly regress to the behavior of children. Her victims always address her as "Mother".


  • Her character was voiced by Billy Hayes.



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