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Queensland Park

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Queensland Park
Old City

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Queensland Park is one of the six boroughs of Metropolis and is primarily a suburban community consisting of single-family homes and brownstones. It is bordered by the West River to the north, and by the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The Eastern district is a neighborhood known as "Old City", and was established as a Dutch settlement in 1634 by explorer Paul De Vries. At the time, the settlement was known as De Vries Village but changed it's name to Elizabethtown in the 1700s during British occupation. At this time, Queensland Park grew into a thriving seaport community with a central railroad network branching out to the surrounding areas. During the Revolutionary War, an American patriot from North Bridge named Peter Vernon destroyed the British navy's access to New Troy, thus delaying their advance to the mainland. The Vernon Memorial Park was erected commemorating the event. After the war, Elizabethtown changed it's name to Old City.

Queensland Park was the location of the original Daily Planet printing plant. During the "Battle for Metropolis", Daily Planet managing editor Perry White relocated all of the newspaper's staff from the main building to the printing plant. From this site, Perry witnessed the destruction of the Daily Planet globe after an assault from Lex Luthor's sonic torpedoes. [1]

In recent years, Queensland Park was the site of one of S.T.A.R. Labs research facilities. It was here that S.T.A.R.'s scientists maintained a seemingly deceased doppelgänger of Superman. Superman broke into the lab to steal the corpse and in so doing, engaged in a fight with the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit and their new Simm-Bot battle-armor. [2]

Points of Interest


  • Mount Royal
  • Newtown
  • North Bridge
  • Old City (Elizabethtown)
  • Pelham



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