Quote1 Fight it! Destroy the threat! Repair the injury. Protect the body! Protect! pfwoong... Quote2
-- The Immune src

Originally, Immune was a common man named Murleen Dreeu. His planet was at war, and one weapon in use was called a Spore Bomb -- a biological warfare weapon. During one of the testings of the bomb, the experiment went awry. A spore fog was released and swept across the land killing anyone who breathed in the fumes. For reasons unexplained, Dreeu did not die by the fog, but his antibodies were altered. From that day on, his body has protected from any injuries or sickness.

When he kidnapped millionaire R.J. Brande, the Legion came to the rescue. They fooled Immune into thinking his body was not resisting the effects of a "shrinking fog." This caused him to believe his body was infected, and his mind went insane trying to protect the body. In the end he short-circuited himself.


  • As his name states, his body was able to resists physical harm by adapting itself to injury or disease.



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