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The history and culture of the Mygorg species is steeped in mystery. Some four-hundred years ago, they arrived on a nameless planet along with a rival species known as the Yorg. They took control of the plant’s ruling cities, forcing the human populace into exile. Those humans who did not successfully flee the Mygorg invasion were forced into slavery.

They successfully maintained their slave trade for many centuries, often taking human concubines and using male humans for sport. Once, a teenage human named Starfire led a revolt against her slave-master, Sookaroth, inspiring others to take up her cause. Starfire led many successful raids against Mygorg camps and even their most able-bodied chieftains were unable to bring her down.

The Mygorg once entered into a brief alliance with a sorceress named Lady Djinn, in an effort to capture Starfire, but the alliance ended when Djinn’s sentient computer, Keeper, betrayed her and subsequently killed her.

The Mygorg continued their efforts to capture Starfire, but her noble crusade of freedom permanently destabilized the structure of the Mygorg slave trades.

Powers and Abilities


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Type of Government:

===Level of Technology:=== Mygorg technology is roughly equivalent to that of Earth's Iron Age.
===Cultural Traits:=== The Mygorg are slavers by trade

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