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The Myrmidons were an insectoid race from the Nanoverse planet known as Sorcerer's World. A species of submissive drones, they served as the enforcers for the evil Queen Belthera. Belthera led her Myrmidons in an attack against the reality-hopping adventurers, the Challengers from Beyond. Belthera aligned herself with the conqueror known as Monarch and the Myrmidons stood ready to assist Monarch's Army. Challenger Donna Troy (disguised as an alternate version of Wonder Girl) defeated Belthera in combat, and in so doing, became the new ruler of the Myrmidons. Donna Troy led the Myrmidons to Earth-51 where they now fought against Monarch's Army. Monarch meanwhile was embroiled in a battle with Superman-Prime. Monarch detonated a nuclear explosion in the heart of Gotham City, wiping out the existing Myrmidons. Whether any surviving Myrmidons remained on Sorcerer's World remains unknown.

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