The Myrmitons were a blue-skinned alien species who were the rulers of the Myrmiton star cluster. They were very technologically advanced, capable of harnessing cosmic radiation.

The Myrmitons briefly conquered the planet Earth. Prior to their invasion, they lured the super-heroes Flash and Green Lantern off-world. When the pair returned, they found their planet conquered. The Myrmitons made their base of operations in Coast City, California, building an enormous android to keep watch over the city. They also banned the use of all vehicles by humans. They had a device which would bathe the planet in deadly cosmic rays at the push of a button and threatened to use it unless Green Lantern gave up his ring and Flash had his superspeed removed. The Flash tricked them, giving the aliens a replica and placing a dummy of himself in the path of the radiation that was to remove his speed. Although at first unable to enter their headquarters due to an energy barrier surrounding the building, the pair of heroes soon discovered that it did not extend underground, and after burrowing underneath, were able to defeat the invaders. Flash and Green Lantern forced the aliens to leave, keeping a few of them hostage until the rest complied.

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