Not much is known about the past of Nancy Adams. She became the sheriff of Smallville, Kansas but the left the town a few years ago and joined the Department of Domestic Security.

Nancy worked together with Lois Lane to expose President Luthor's corrupt government. She waited for Lois at the Ace of Clubs but instead of Lois Clark Kent showed up. He believed that Nancy was the one to blame for what happend to Lois, only to found out that the women were working together. Nancy told him to keep his mouth shut and also says no one can help Lois if she was arrested by the government. Clark told her that he could try it at least, so Nancy revealed where the DDS took Lois.

  • Like Nancy Adams, this character was portrayed by the actress Camille Mitchell.
  • It is unknown if he survived the nuclear apocalypse or not.
  • Unlike her counterpart, the Nancy Adams of this universe wasn't killed.