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Queen Narmea was the only wife of King Orin of Atlantis. Although Orin's friend, Rajar, predicted that it was unlikely that Orin and Narmea would have a child, soon after Narmea told Orin that she was pregnant and Princess Cora was born.[1]

After the Great Deluge, when Shalako and the Shalakites left Poseidonis to found Tritonis and Shalako murdered his wife Loma as a sacrifice to the dark gods, Narmea wanted to judge Shalako in Poseidonis, but Orin declined. They were feuding for some time, but they reconciled.[2]

Although Orin had an affair with Gulacia inside his marriage with Narmea [3], his only love was always Narmea and felt guilty about this affair. Narmea knew all this situation, but prefered to keep it as a secret.[4]

When Orin died, she became sick for a while and then her health got better, but not her soul. Some years later, she died in her sleep.[5]


  • Atlantean Biological Adaptation: Due to the scientist Thorne's experiments, Narmea was granted the ability to endure the pressures of the deep.
  • Amphibious: Due to the scientist Thorne's experiments, Narmea was granted the ability to breathe underwater and survive the increased pressure of the ocean depths.



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