Doctor Nathaniel "Nate" Heywood was a historian, specializing in deductive historical reconstruction. Due to his skills, he was able to deduce that an aberration-created reality, one in which the Nazis bombed New York City in 1942, due to the machinations of Damien Darhk and Eobard Thawne, and World War II continued until 1947, was starting to cement in the timeline, supplanting the previous reality. With the help of Oliver Queen, he was able to locate the submerged Waverider in 2016 and wake Mick Rory from time stasis. Together with Mick, Nate traveled through time, using his skills as a historian to find where and when the other members of the Legends team were stranded.[1] For his help, Nate was made a new member of the team.[2] After being injected with a biomolecular enhancer created by Eobard Thawne and modified by Ray Palmer, Nate gained the ability to transform his skin into steel, making him extremely strong and resilient. After learning to use his abilities he was given the codename "Steel" by Ray, after his grandfather Henry Heywood/Commander Steel. Among the other nicknames he suggested himself were Corporal Steel, Mister Steel and Citizen Steel.[3]




  • Hemophilia: Nate was born with a blood condition called Hemophilia which significantly slowed his body's ability to make blood clots meaning that any injuries he sustained, especially cuts, left him more vulnerable and took considerably longer to heal than an average human.[2] This condition was cured by the serum that Nate was injected with, by Ray Palmer. However, while Ray's cure would cause Nate to regenerate quickly, he would still bleed a lot when out of his meta-human form.[3]
  • Ophidiophobia


  • Earth Totem



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