Nathaniel Wilson was not good at being a criminal. He and his son Slade Wilson would travel from city to city all the time, not because he wanted to travel, but because he was so bad at his job that he had to leave town a lot. Meanwhile, he was indebted to mob bosses in every place they'd been. He was a pushover when it came to anything but his son. To Slade, Nathaniel Wilson was a cruel and uncaring man.

Eventually, Nathaniel Wilson's debts had grown so great that he owed a man named Rossi ten thousand dollars. One day, he drove Slade out to see the Grand Canyon, but as they parked there, Rossi drove up behind them, and Nathaniel ordered his son to get out of the car. When Rossi demanded his money, it became clear that Nathaniel had come to an arrangement with him: instead of the ten thousand dollars, he would give up his own son. Rossi's men grabbed Slade and took him away, and Nathaniel's debt was considered settled.

In his old age, Nathaniel lived in Gary, Indiana, where he was on life support. He could not speak, but he was often annoyed to see his son.