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New Batman Adventures (TV Series)
This page contains a list of all episodes in the television series.
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The New Batman Adventures aired alternately in the same time slot with The New Superman Adventures.

The New Batman Adventures featured Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl. The series was of a continuation of the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, the main difference being that all events taking place in the new series happened two years after the old.

Notable Differences From BTAS

  • Tim Drake has assumed the mantle of Robin
  • Batgirl is now a full-time member of the team (and is now voiced by Tara Charendoff)
  • Dick Grayson is now Nightwing, only occasionally aiding the Dark Knight
  • Almost all characters of the series have undergone changes in appearance, due to the streamlining of the DCAU (sometimes referred to as the "New Look")

Principal Cast


Season One

Episode Air Date No.
"Holiday Knights" September 13, 1997 1
"Sins of the Father" September 20, 1997 2
"Cold Comfort" October 11, 1997 3
"Never Fear" November 1, 1997 6
"You Scratch My Back" November 15, 1997 5
"Double Talk" November 22, 1997 4
"Joker's Millions" February 21, 1998 7
"Growing Pains" February 28, 1998 8
"Mean Seasons" May 4, 1998 13
"The Demon Within" May 9, 1998 18
"Over the Edge" May 23, 1998 12
"Torch Song" June 13, 1998 10
"Love is a Croc" July 11, 1998 9

Season Two

Episode Air Date No.
"The Ultimate Thrill" September 14, 1998 11
"Critters" September 18, 1998 15
"Cult of the Cat" September 19, 1998 14
"Animal Act" September 26, 1998 16
"Old Wounds" October 3, 1998 17
"Legends of the Dark Knight" October 10, 1998 19
"Girl's Night Out" October 17, 1998 20
"Chemistry" October 24, 1998 22
"Judgment Day" October 31, 1998 24
"Beware the Creeper" November 7, 1998 23
"Mad Love" January 16th, 1999 21



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