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New Teen Titans (Shorts)
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New Teen Titans is a series of shorts airing as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation block. The plot revolves around the Teen Titans from the Teen Titans television series. In this adaptation though, the characters are now shorter and more cartoon-like. The stories are also more light-hearted than its original series. The original cast of Teen Titans reprise all of their roles.

The series is about the Teen Titans: Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy. The shorts mostly focus on the heroes lives outside of being superheroes.


  1. Burp
  2. Utility Player
  3. Stream of Consciences
  4. Turn Back the Clock
  5. Blackfire's Babysitter
  6. Cyborg the Lifeguard
  7. Taped Before a Live Studio Audience
  8. Red X Unmasked
  9. Gamma Rays and You
  10. Titans in Love
  11. Titanimal Kingdom
  12. Kidz Korner 4 Kidz
  13. Groundhog Minute
  14. Apprentice (Part III)
  15. Bad Dad
  16. Lightning Round
  17. Mayhem at First Sight


  1. 3D Movie

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