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New Teen Titans (Shorts) Episode: Red X Unmasked


New Teen Titans (Shorts) Episode: Red X Unmasked

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The Teen Titans just caught Red X! As the team is about to unmask the villain, Beast Boy predicts he is Jason Todd, Batman's second Robin.

Quote1 Keep guessing, kids! Quote2
--Red X

Appearing in "Red X Unmasked"

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Synopsis for "Red X Unmasked"

The Teen Titans just caught Red X! As the team is about to unmask the villain, Beast Boy predicts he is Jason Todd, Batman's second Robin.

The Titans rip off Red X's mask, and, as predicted, he is Jason Todd! However, after closer analysis, Beast Boy tugs at Todd's face again to rip off another mask.

Under that mask is Titans East member Speedy! Starfire says that Speedy can't be Red X because he's standing on the other side of the room. Robin throws Rex X's mask in frustration and accidentally bonks Speedy on the head.

Robin rips off Red X's mask again to expose the Source. The block of tofu is quickly dismissed as Beast Boy eats his old foe.

Suddenly, another heads pops out of the Red X costume. It's Alfred Pennyworth! Alfred asks Robin to entie him, but, before he can finish his sentence, Robin pulls off another mask.

Under that mask, it's Batman! Batman begins to speak, but Starfire rips off the mask again.

The next person under the mask is Silky. Starfire chides her pet and pulls him out of the costume.

Another head pops out. It reveals itself as Larry the Titan. Robin quickly shuts up his fan by ripping off the mask again.

Finally, Red X reveals himself as Slade. Slade greets Robin, and the mask drops for a final time to expose a ticking bomb. The bomb explodes, and the Titans are flung to the ground.

While they are on the ground, the real Red X jumps on top of them and invites them to keep guessing before making his escape. Beast Boy shouts after him that he still thinks the villain is Jason Todd. Red X responded by throwing a sticky X at Beast Boy's mouth.


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