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New Teen Titans Vol 1 11


New Teen Titans Vol 1 11

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"When Titans Clash": The three female Titans take Changeling to the Amazon's home of Paradise Island where he is treated with the Purple Healing Ray, while Robin, Kid Flash, and [[Victor Stone (Ne

Appearing in "When Titans Clash"

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Synopsis for "When Titans Clash"

The three female Titans take Changeling to the Amazon's home of Paradise Island where he is treated with the Purple Healing Ray, while Robin, Kid Flash, and Cyborg take up the search for Robotman, Mento, and the Doom Patrol's murderers. In the underground realm of Tartarus, Hyperion, one of the legendary Titans of Greek mythology, progenitors of the Olympian gods, frees himself from his ages-old imprisonment, and appears above Paradise Island. When Wonder Girl confronts him, he entrances her and she falls in love with him. Overcoming Starfire and Raven, Hyperion takes Wonder Girl back to Tartarus, where they free his fellow Titans. Raven, Starfire, Queen Hippolyta and the Amazons battle the Titans and attempt to recover Wonder Girl, but she refuses their aid. The Titans vanish, intending to invade Olympus and defeat the gods who had imprisoned them.



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