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"Assault on Titans Tower!": Having successfully aided the people of Azarath in banishing Trigon, the New Teen Titans return to Earth. They have forgiven Raven for her erratic behavior as of late and they are grateful that she has brought them

Quote1 I dunno. You trust them little beams too much. Me, I only trust what I can build. 'Cause when I build 'em, I build 'em to kill! Quote2
-- Gizmo

Appearing in "Assault on Titans Tower!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Walter (Single appearance)
  • Priests of Azarath




Synopsis for "Assault on Titans Tower!"

Having successfully aided the people of Azarath in banishing Trigon, the New Teen Titans return to Earth. They have forgiven Raven for her erratic behavior as of late and they are grateful that she has brought them together as the Titans. Wally however, is unsure of his feelings. He is not ready to jump back into the super-hero game and returns to Blue Valley.

Meanwhile, the Fearsome Five receive a psychic message from the discorporated form of their former member Psimon. Psimon tells them that Trigon forced him to turn against them and now he requires their help to reconstitute his physical body. The Fearsome Five are reluctant to believe him, but they are confident that they will be able to control Psimon should he attempt to betray them again. Psimon directs them towards Titans Tower in order to procure the technology he requires to reform his body.

A short time later, the Titans return to Titans Island only to find that their new headquarters has been broken into. They split up and begin investigating the building's different levels and soon come face to face with the Fearsome Five. Gizmo quickly incapacitates Cyborg with a neural disruptor, but Raven uses her special powers to heal Vic's injuries. Robin and Changeling team-up to take on Shimmer, and Donna goes head-to-head with Mammoth. Gizmo ensnares Robin with one of his many gadgets then leaves him to drown in the Titans' swimming pool. Starfire fishes him out, and Raven assists with his recuperation. The one member of the Fearsome Five who is otherwise occupied is Doctor Light. Light succeeds in accomplishing his task, which was to use a dimensional transmitter in the Tower to resurrect Psimon's body. He acquired the transmitter from the architect of the Tower, Silas Stone - Cyborg's father. Even with his team fully assembled however, the Fearsome Five are not equipped to defeat the Titans. Robin manages to trick Doctor Light into inhaling gas from two sleeping pellets which knocks him out. Wonder Girl and Changeling double-team Mammoth and finally render him unconscious. The other villains are likewise defeated and carted off to prison.

With the battle over, Silas Stone tries to make peace with his son. It is revealed that his experiments at S.T.A.R. Labs are what led to the injuries that necessitated Victor's cybernetic prosthetics. These same experiments also cost him the life of his mother Elinore. Because of this, Victor despises his father and wants nothing to do with him. Silas Stone pleads with his son for forgiveness and explains that he built Titans Tower so that Vic would have a place amongst the Titans; a place where he would not feel like such an outsider. Victor refuses to listen until Silas confesses that he is dying of cancer - another side-effect of his work with the dimensional transmitter. This revelation helps to heal the breach between father and son, and Silas spends his final days making up for lost time. Victor remains at his side when his father passes away.



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