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New Teen Titans Vol 2 13


New Teen Titans Vol 2 13

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"Crisis": As the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" begins, the skies turn red all across the world. Having finally learned about Sarah Simms's new boyfriend, Gary Sellers, and having talked things over with her amicably, Cyborg hardly notice

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Synopsis for "Crisis"

As the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" begins, the skies turn red all across the world. Having finally learned about Sarah Simms's new boyfriend, Gary Sellers, and having talked things over with her amicably, Cyborg hardly notices the atmospheric oddity until he is approached by a costumed super-powered woman called Harbinger. After a skirmish, Cyborg agrees to accompany her to her mentor, the Monitor. Days pass before the other Titans are drawn into the melee, together with Superman, Batman, and the Outsiders. Over the following weeks, the crisis grows, as the world seems to be tearing itself apart (as shown in detail in Crisis on Infinite Earths).

Cyborg is reunited with his teammates, and the heroes rest from their continual efforts against the disaster in the nearly rebuilt Titans Tower. Suddenly, Captain Karras and his men appear, announcing that Koriand'r must return with them to Tamaran at once.


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  • Scene where Cyborg flies through a building while fighting Harbinger includes cameos by some DC workers, including Dick Giordano, Marv Wolfman, and Eduardo Barreto.

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